UHP cleaning of large petrochemical tank

Rope-access specialist Skyriders recently deployed ultra high pressure (UHP) washing to clean the top part of a large tank, which is exposed to the harsh elements, and therefore subject to the worst weathering, for a major petrochemical producer in Mpumalanga. The process is a highly-effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning method using water jets.  The company deployed UHP at 2800 bar to wash the tank in preparation for  a protective coating consisting of a primer, an intermediate coating and two finals coatings. The traditional means of cleaning such large tanks is grit blasting, which leaves behind a residue which thens needs to be removed. Sand can also pose a safety risk during the cleaning process. The high-pressure water used in UHP, on the other hand, simply evaporates. The company intends to expand the scope of its UHP service offering, as this cleaning method is ideal for major industrial structures as diverse as smokestacks, silos, and storage tanks.

Contact Mike Zinn, Skyriders, Tel 011 312-1418, mike@ropeaccess.co.za

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