Ultrasonic level measurement Hart transmitter

Siemens presents Sitrans Probe LU240, its newest ultrasonic level measurement Hart transmitter, a hardworking and rugged device that provides reliable level, volume, and flow measurements. Engineered for the challenges of the environmental industry, this transmitter is also suited for the chemical and food and beverage applications. Field-proven process intelligence echo processing separates true material level echoes from false, providing reliable readings while still allowing rapid response to actual changes in the material level. The device’s reduced blanking distance decreases waste in applications while boosting asset utilisation by providing continuously accurate readings even with high levels of material. Sitrans Probe LU240’s four-button user interface or remote configuration with Simatic PDM ensures fast and easy setup. Operators will save time and maintenance costs with the transmitter’s transparent lid: in manual observations, users can observe values directly instead of by removing the device’s lid. For those applications requiring process temperature data, Sitrans Probe LU240 now gives users both level and temperature readings.

Contact Jennifer Naidoo, Siemens, Tel 011 652-2795, jennifer.naidoo@siemens.com

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