Unauthorised use of patented technology alleged

SolarEdge Technologies recently announced that it has extended its lawsuit pending in the Mannheim District Court, Germany, against Huawei Technologies, a Chinese entity; Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf, a German entity; and Wattkraft Solar, a German distributor for Huawei, by asserting two additional patents related to its power optimiser technology. Also with regard to these two additional patents, SolarEdge asserts unauthorised use of patented technology, which is prohibited by law, and is intended to protect SolarEdge’s significant investment in its innovative power optimiser technology. Seeking inter alia monetary damages, an injunction with regard to the German market, and recall of infringing Huawei optimisers from the German market, the lawsuits are intended to prevent the defendants from selling any optimisers as far as they do infringe upon SolarEdge’s IP on either of the two patents now asserted in Germany.

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