Update from Cigre study committee D2

Cigre’s Study Committee (SC) D2 for Information Systems and Telecommunication involves Advisory Group (AGs), Work Groups (WGs), Joint Working Groups (JWGs) and task forces for the development and publication of the best practices on information systems and telecommunication in Electrical Power Utilities (EPUs). The two main categories of the produced documents are Green Books (GBs) and Technical Bulletins (TBs). TBs form the core output of each work group and the GBs combine outputs from various WGs. In addition to the publication of these documents, D2 offers tutorials which are aimed at educating the members on the content of the produced documents. Table 1 below shows the documents published between 2016 and 2018, with a comprehensive list available on https://e-cigre.org/.

Table 1: D2 Documents Published between 2016 and 2018

Technical bulletin reference Title
TB 746 Design, deployment and maintenance of optical cables associated to overhead HV transmission lines
TB 732 Advanced utility data management and analytics for improved operation situational awareness of EPU Operations
TB 685 Communication solutions for information exchange in the smart delivery of electrical energy
TB 668 Telecommunication and information systems for assuring business continuity and disaster recovery
TB 698 Framework for EPU operators to manage the response to a Cyber-initiated threat to their critical infrastructure
GB 3 Utility communication networks and services

As a snapshot of the current discussions in SC D2, the following preferential subjects will be discussed in the SC D2 2019 colloquium in Helsinki Finland from 11 – 14 June 2019:

PS1: Information and communication technology (ICT) supporting energy transition

  • Big data, data analytics using artificial intelligence (AI) for securing the electric power utilities operations; Cloud computing; Machine learning

PS2: Cyber security

  • Threats management in electric power utilities (EPU), security assessments tools, cyber security maintenance in power system operation, Electric power utilities credential management with blockchain technology, big data used for detecting cyber anomalies in electric power utility informational and operational technology (IT/OT)

PS3: New internet of things (IoT) application to support electric power utilities

  • 5G for utility networks, new IOT applications to support electric power utilities, cybersecurity issues in IOT.

The 2019 SC D2 colloquium will be followed by a Cigre South Africa nineth regional conference on 1 – 4 October 2019, where D2 will present a tutorial on ICT and Telecoms solutions for DERs and microgrids.

With the ICT and telecommunications technology developments moving so fast, participation of African utilities in the SC D2 discussions is essential. As part of the Cigre strategy in imparting the skills in African utilities, the D2 Southern Africa Regional Activity Group (RAG) hosted a tutorial on 28 November 2018 in Johannesburg (SAIEE). This session was a hybrid of a webinar and the venue attendees. Attendees from African countries including Abidjan, Cameron, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, and South Africa joined the live webinar sessions. SA D2 RAG will prioritise African issues and intends to deliver more similar detailed/specialised topics.

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