Updated firmware for gas monitors

Comtest, the local representative of Industrial Scientific, has announced that firmware version 2.1 for Ventis Pro Series multi-gas monitors is now available and offers support for additional sensor and language options. Ventis Pro Series monitors are small, highly configurable instruments which offer Lens wireless and a guaranteed-for-life warranty. The new sensors for these monitors include a dual-range methane IR sensor, a phosphine sensor, and a long-life oxygen sensor. The dual-range methane IR sensor is ideal for use in inert atmospheres and for seal checks, leak detection, and when high concentrations of gas would otherwise damage a catalytic bead LEL sensor. The sensor range is zero to 100% volume methane with 0,01% resolution from zero to 5% volume and 0,1% resolution from 5 to 100% volume. The long-life oxygen sensor is suitable for most industries and is designed to perform in the field for three to five years.

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