Upgrade for recloser product announced

Driven by field demand and requirements for centralised management of Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) timestamping, switchgear engineering firm Noja Power recently announced the implementation of the simple network time protocol (SNTP) in its RC controller series. This enhancement is freely available to users of the company’s OSM recloser system with RC10 or RC15 controllers as a complementary firmware upgrade. SNTP augments the recloser’s support for both integration into utility information technology systems and the Internet of Things. By standardising on a single timestamping and time maintenance protocol, utilities can ensure the reliability of timestamping across their network of protection relays and switchgear for post fault analysis and network management. In support of reliability and availability, the RC controller can be configured to access multiple SNTP servers. In the event the primary SNTP server is down, the RC controller can automatically contact the configured backup server. This redundancy ensures that correct and effective timestamping can be maintained during emergencies or abnormal system operating conditions.

Contact Sergio Tanus, Noja Power, sergiot@nojapower.eu



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