Upgrading a pumped storage power plant

ABB’s generator circuit-breaker technology will help to enable smooth integration of renewables and modernise one of UK’s key power plants. The Dinorwig pumped storage power plant in North Wales has been hailed as one of the world’s most innovative construction projects. Dinorwig power plant is the fastest pumped storage installations of its kind, capable of reaching maximum generation of 1728 MW in less than 16 s.

The plant is capable of providing continuous power to 3-million people in Wales for five-and-a-half-hours. It is also the largest installation of its kind in Europe. ABB will replace the existing equipment at Dinorwig with the latest state-of-the-art GCB technology as part of a high-voltage service contract. The GCB protects key equipment such as generators and transformers by clearing potential harmful short-circuit faults to prevent severe damage and possibly lengthy plant downtime.

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