Used electric-vehicle batteries for microgrid

Eaton has recently inaugurated a new microgrid at the company’s Wadeville site. The microgrid includes the first deployment of its energy storage system, xStorage, in Africa and is geared towards enabling the site to become self-sufficient from an energy consumption perspective. This microgrid  uses second-hand electric-vehicle batteries to increase resilience, provide higher levels of energy independence, support grid stability and reduce energy costs by up to 40%. A similar sized microgrid could provide energy for 230 community homes. Customers can increase energy resiliency and sustainability while reducing energy-related costs and minimise losses from downtime due to power outages. The new Wadeville microgrid system demonstrates the comapny’s xStorage portfolio of energy storage solutions which provide access to safe, reliable and sustainable energy. The use of used Li-ion batteries from Nissan expands the useful life of electric-vehicle batteries, reducing the need to produce new batteries.

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