Waste-to-energy project agreed

Ripasso Energy has signed a letter of intent with Glencore Operations in South Africa for the installation of at least 44 and no more than 136 PWR BLok units at Glencore’s Lydenburg facility and/or its Lion facility in South Africa, with a value of between €22-million and €68-million. The aim is to enter into a five to eight-year agreement, under which Ripasso Energy will harness and extract energy from the facilities’ residual gases, thereby generating electricity that Glencore undertakes to purchase. According to the letter of intent, the parties intend to enter into binding agreements by 31 March 2019 at the latest. The available residual gas at Glencore’s facilities at Lion and Lydenburg gives Ripasso the opportunity to build a plant with capacity of at least 18 MW, with the potential to expand capacity to a total of 54 MW. The project may become the largest waste-to-energy project of its kind in Africa, reducing Glencore’s CO2 emissions by between 154 000 and 476 000 t/year.

Contact David de Mattos, Ripasso Energy, david.demattos@ripasso.com


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