Water-based fuel to be launched soon

Electriq-Global and Dutch company Eleqtec have entered into an agreement to launch Electriq-Global’s water-based fuel technology in the Netherlands. Together they plan to launch the comapny’s recycling plants, and introduce applications for trucks, barges and mobile generators. The progressive Dutch market is moving to adopt zero-emission mobility solutions and is looking for commercial and economical clean energy applications. Comprised of 60% water, Electriq-Fuel is a game-changer in zero-emissions energy.

The innovative fuel is a cost-efficient alternative to batteries and compressed hydrogen. When compared to green energy storage solutions like lithium-ion batteries or compressed hydrogen, the company achieves a greater range at a lower cost. The energy density potential of the technology is up to 15 times that of electric batteries currently in use in electric vehicles.The result of extensive groundwork, the partnership is already in advanced commercialisation negotiations with leading Dutch companies. Several demonstration and prototyping projects are expected to be launched in 2020.

Contract Edwin de Bree, Electriq Global, edwin.debree@eleqtec.com

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