Wind farm lifts first turbine ahead of schedule


Khobab Wind Farm has announced that it has completed the lifting of the first of its 61 wind turbine generators, ahead of schedule.  It is anticipated that the first power will be exported in the next three to four months and that the wind farm is to start supplying electricity from all 61 turbines to the national grid by end-2017, as part of the third round of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme. The wind turbines, which are 100 m tall to allow for optimum energy production, take up to three days to erect, depending on the weather.  The three 53 m blades, made from fibreglass reinforced epoxy, are connected to the rotor at ground level before being lifted to the top of the turbine tower.  This is a complicated lifting exercise, in which one crane raises the assembled rotor whilst another smaller crane and taglines guide the rotor into the correct position. The heaviest component is the nacelle, which contains the generator and gearbox; and weighs 82,5 tonnes.

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