Wind farms connect to grid

Loeriesfontein and Khobab wind farms, in the Northern Cape, have been connected to the Eskom grid via the power utility’s Helios substation, and commissioning of the wind turbines has commenced. The wind farms are expected to start supplying electricity to the national grid by early December and will continue to work closely with the various Eskom teams to achieve this milestone.  Each wind turbine is connected to a step-up transformer which boosts the voltage output of the wind turbine generator from 690 to 33 000 V. These transformers are located externally at the base of each wind turbine. From there these medium-voltage reticulation power cables are routed underground from turbine to turbine according to grouped circuits; and bring the collective circuit power from the step up transformers to convene at the wind farm’s substation where the main transformer is situated.

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