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* Feature articles*
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The ‘Green New Deal’: Six things to know *by Daisy Simmons* The ‘Green New Deal’ has inspired lots of conversation in the climate world. Here are a few key points to consider.
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‘Will there be famines?’ *by Sara Peach* What climate science – and the Book of Exodus – tell us about the future of our food.
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In Sahel: Family planning meets climate change *by Rachel Mueller* Family planning education and climate change risk management go hand-in-hand in Africa’s Sahel region, with higher temperatures and population growth in forecast.
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Optimistic readings on climate change strategies *by SueEllen Campbell* Two recent upbeat articles on strategies for maintaining a livable climate. (ICYMI)
* Radio stories*
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One woman’s quest to improve climate education in Mississippi Dominika Parry developed a new curriculum for middle-school students. ——————————
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Climate change is making it harder for young people to become farmers Extreme weather is increasing the financial risks of farming. ——————————
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Mangrove forests can help fight the effects of climate change But they’re in danger. ——————————
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Kaiser Permanente: The health care giant worries about the climate ‘We see increased cases of asthma, other respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease.’ ——————————
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Little Haiti, a Miami community built by refugees, sits on prime high ground As seas rise, wealthy people and developers are moving in. —————————— * Other recent postings*
*Radio stories >>>* Why a Georgia farmer now raises cows like his great-grandfather did >>> ‘Bright Future’: New book argues that nuclear power is worth another look >>> Former EPA administrator Gina McCarthy: Climate change hurts children’s health >>> Amalgamated Bank won’t lend customers’ deposits to fossil fuel projects >>> Orlando, Florida, offers free trees to residents
*Feature articles >>> * What it takes to do climate research in the Arctic >>> Policy incentives needed to boost clean tech efforts (Commentary) >>> A year-end climate change reality check >>> 2018 – the hottest La Niña year ever recorded >>> A guide to the 4th National Climate Assessment (ICYMI)
[image: What’s Your Story?] [image: What’s Your Story?] Got a personal story to share about your experience with the changing climate? Let us hear about it. *LEARN MORE ››*
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