Zero-emission ferry route in operation

To comply with the country’s stringent environmental regulations governing ferry emissions, the Norwegian ferry operator Fjord 1 has opted to expand its fleet using all-electric propulsion solutions. The two latest additions to the fleet use zero emission technology. This sustainable solution has allowed the operator to successfully run Norway’s first totally zero-emission ferry route. These environmentally friendly ferries are also highly cost-efficient to run. The “Ampere”, equipped with propulsion and automation technology from Siemens, was the first all-electric ferry of its kind. It has now been joined by two more: the “MF Gloppefjord” and the “MF Eidsfjord”. The MF Gloppefjord entered service in January 2018 traversing the 2,4 km route E39 between the landing stage in Anda and the small waterside town of Lote on Norway’s west coast, and the MS Eidsfjord is due to follow suit in the near future.

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