Credible Carbon Registry Statistics

Carbon offsets sold by Credible Carbon to date

192 742 tCO2

Revenue to projects after audit, legal and registry fees


Total funds transferred to projects

ZAR 7.4 million

Carbon Credits Available

477 089 tCO2

South Africa emits over 392 million tCO2 per year, 1.10% of global emissions



Global carbon footprints per capita


5.0 tCO2

South Africa

8.9 tCO2

Required by science

2 tCO2

The per capita emission statistics are from  World Bank data for 2013.

The required by science figure is from a Committee on Climate Change report, which concludes that: “Given a projected global population in 2050 of around 9 billion, such a level of emissions implies per capita emissions averaging around 2 tonnes CO2e.”