Credible Carbon Project Registry

NameDate CreatedDescriptionAudited and Issued (tCO2e)Sales total (tCO2e)Retired (tCO2e)Not retired (tCO2)
Sun Exchange2023/05/09Sun Exchange is a privately owned innovative and fast growing South African microscale solar PV project developer that has been in operation since 2015 and has developed in excess of 60 projects, totalling 7.3 MW of installed capacity.5 8061 66716670
Stellenbosch Community Recycling2022/08/22The Stellenbosch Community Recycling project makes recycling easier by establishing community-based recycling drop-offs and providing monetary incentives for currently unemployed people to be active in waste collection and waste sorting.39 9776 5453 8102 735
ReCarbon Uitenhage2022/03/01ReCarbon Ground Trading is a private company that produces certified organic compost for use by farmers, landscapers, and gardeners.8 01495093812
ReCarbon Hermanus2021/03/25The ReCarbon Hermanus project entails diverting municipal green waste (plant residues, garden waste, park waste) from landfills in the Overstrand Municipality (Hermanus) Western Cape.30 2093 4713 45219
Walker’s Recycling2015/06/25Walker’s Recycling is a South African business based in Coleman Park in the Elsie’s River industrial area. Walker’s Recycling operates a vehicle fleet that collects waste from homes restaurants and nightclubs for sorting by team of employees. The sorted waste is then on-sold.14 25413 54113 329212
Kuyasa2014/12/13Kuyasa is an existing low-income housing development in Khayelitsha Western Cape. In 2014 the project involves 2100 houses upgraded to include ceiling insulation solar water heaters and energy efficient lighting. The reduces household expenditure on coal-fired electricity and paraffin and also reduces the greenhouse gases associated space and water heating and lighting.36 79232 95131 7131 238
Soweto Solar Stoves2012/12/12Archived4343430
Welbedacht2012/12/12This project was originally designed by USAID to demonstrate appropriate energy efficient technologies in low-income households in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) South Africa. The project commenced in May 2006 and installations were completed by the end of September 2006. Carbon revenue generated by the project to date has been used in maintenance of the project technologies and increased the roll out of renewable energy to new households.3713713710
Umdoni Bio Fuel2010/01/06The Umdoni Municipality and the Project Preparation Trust (PPT) are partners in this project with PACE. The project involves households displacing coal wood paraffin and dung fuel sources with bioethanol gel (a by-product of the local sugarcane industry). Stoves were originally provided by the municipality but have been subsequently replaced and upgraded by PACE. The project received significant carbon revenue from Credible Carbon in 2011 and used this to expand through the purchase of energy efficient woodstoves photovoltaic panels and solar water heaters.9 8069 8069 695111
Amathole Berries2011/04/04This project located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa generates credits from the composting sawmill residue to make an organic berry growing medium. The process reduces methane emisisons from the sawmill and displaces inorganic fertiliser.1 3781 3781 3780
Greenpop2011/08/12Greenpop use trees to build social bridges and transform communities in a novel and remarkable way. PACE supported the planting of 1 100 indigenous and fruit-bearing trees in Manenberg outside Cape Town in exchange for the carbon sequestrated by these trees. Greenpop deliver a lot more than trees or carbon sequestration and although PACE has long been cautious of bio-sequestration projects in this project the registry has made conservative claims regarding the amount of carbon sequestrated and finds the projects fulfil Credible Carbon’s poverty co-benefit criteria. 2012 will see Credible Carbon trade all of Greenpop’s carbon including that sequestrated in an ambitious youth-awareness project in Zambia.3636360
Hout Bay Recycling Co-op2011/10/21A social enterprise started by Thrive Hout Bay saw residents of Imizamo Yethu township in Hout Bay begin recycling in 2009. To date the project has prevented more than 1 200 tons of waste from going to landfill where it would have turned to methane and CO2 and placed further stresses on Cape Town’s solid waste resources land and water. By sorting and selling the recycled waste the project has created employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for residents of Hout Bay.4 6114 6113 809802
Reliance2012/11/04Reliance is a composting company established in 1998. The company was initially started out of the need for quality compost for use in an organic export tablegrape operation. Several production methods were evaluated but it decided to employ the help of the Lübke family from Austria and their pioneering Controlled Microbial Composting (CMC) method.1 300 8241 300 824558 172742 652
Cato Manor2011/06/01In 2011 the team from Kuyasa in the Western Cape retrofitted 30 low cost houses in the Umuthi Mayche community of Cato Manor KZN South Africa as a demonstration project for COP17. There are a total of 30 housing units (made up of semi-detached buildings with two homes connected). Each home has been fitted with a solar water heater insulated ceiling energy efficient light bulbs and has been given a Wonderbag (heat-retaining bag) for cooking.0000
Spier Mob Grazing2013/05/20A bio-dynamic farming project at Spier using rapid stock rotation (up to six times per day). Results in rich soil without using non-organic fertilisers.25 38516 69716 6970
Wildlands Conservation Trust2015/06/05The Wildlands Conservation Trust (WCT) assists local communities and local governments in realising the virtuous cycles between human and ecological well-­‐being. One of the ways in which they do this is by enabling the establishment of local recycling operations focused around community based “waste-­‐preneurs” schools and local businesses in Gauteng and KwaZulu-­‐Natal. These Waste-­‐ preneurs Schools and Businesses collect recycling on behalf of the Trust who then contracts Wildlands Green-­‐preneurs (Pty) Ltd a social enterprise established by the Trust to collect process and trade the recycling.10 45710 45710 4570
Grootbos Carbon Project2021/04/14The Grootbos Carbon Project aims to generate carbon credits through the Grootbos Foundation’s|conservation renewable energy generation and waste management interventions7 6595 9275 497430