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Major methane monitoring company backtracks on “certified” gas schemes

Fallout from Certified Disaster campaign continues as Project Canary reportedly shifts away from “gas certification” One of the largest methane monitoring companies in the United States is reportedly backing off “certification” programs that allow the oil and gas industry to market methane gas as clean, sustainable or “responsibly sourced.”

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What Counts As A Carbon Credit?

  What Counts As A Carbon Credit? A new UN draft report threatens to sideline billions of tons of future carbon removal By Mark Harris June 15, 2023 Sign up for the Fixing Carbon, a twice-a-month newsletter here Back in 2015, the Paris Agreement called for the creation of an international program

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Credible Carbon Partner with Curbon

By securing a supply and distribution agreement, CURBON is now an authorised broker of Credible Carbon credits, empowering us to resell and retire carbon credits issued by this esteemed organisation.

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Climate Crisis

Banking on Climate Chaos 2023!

This report adds up financing from the world’s 60 biggest banks for the fossil fuel sector as a whole, as well as for top expanders of the fossil fuel industry and top companies in specific sectors.

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