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There is only one standards registry which is currently selling carbon off-sets and providing cash resources to small scale off-set projects in South Africa, the Credible Carbon registry. South African Institutions who place high value on their reputations and appreciate value for money are purchasing these off-sets. These include large corporate Institutions like Nedbank, Aurecon, and the Table Mountain Cableway.
Carl Wesselink
South North and Kuyasa, Cape Town
I am very happy with Credible Carbon's service. They are a transparent and accountable registry that sells credits from projects that reduce emissions and alleviate poverty in Africa. They also have a transparent and robust standard that verifies the quality and credibility of their offsets. Credible Carbon is a reliable platform to offset your carbon footprint and support climate justice.
Francois van Wyk
In search of localisation and improved efficiency of their carbon credit generation, Reliance changed its Verifier and Manager of the Registry from a European to a local Cape Town based company, Credible Carbon. The transition was seamless and easy access to efficient and friendly staff and systems makes the management and trade of credits easy and smooth. Large percentages of the money collected through the sale of carbon credits is used to lessen poverty in our communities.
Reliance Compost, Cape Town.
Detlev Meyer
CEO Reliance, South Africa
Thank you so very much for the payment. You and your team made us bigger and grown in minutes….. I am so glad that we (are) finally on this stage according to all of this. It was like a story when I first hear about this carbon credit thing.
Sorting at HBRC
Nokwanda Sotyantya
NoHout Bay Recycling Co-op, Cape Town
The reason we have gone with Credible Carbon for this project is because of their “capacity building” strategy whereby 50% of the net income generated by this project goes to direct employee benefits.
Spier Mob Grazing
Angus McIntosh
Spier Mob Grazing, Stellenbosch
I can only say wow didn't expect it. Thanks guys really appreciated.
Eddie Walker
Walker's Recycling