Hout Bay Recycling Co-op

Technology: Waste recycling and composting

Project developer: Thrive Hout Bay/ PACE

VERS: 4 611 tCO2 audited to date.

Project description: A social enterprise started by Thrive Hout Bay saw residents of Imizamo Yethu township in Hout Bay begin recycling in 2009. To date the project has prevented more than 2 600 tons of waste from going to landfill where it would have turned to methane and CO2 (2 500 tCO2 equivalent) and placed further stresses on Cape Town’s solid waste resources, land and water. By sorting and selling the recycled waste the project has created employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for residents of Hout Bay.

The PIN for this project, which contains more detailed information, can be downloaded here.

In 2012 we were able to pay the HBRC project R164,976 (R100/tCO2) for their credits. This is what the project director had to say:

Hi Anton
Thank you so very much for the payment. You and your team made us bigger and grown in minutes. For now I have no words to express my happiness. It was like a story when I first here about this carbon credit thing. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to every body who worked so hard to make this happened



Total Audited Credits: 4 611
Total Credits Sold: 4 611
All Carbon Credits have been sold.